Our Plans Moving Forward

If you're in our Discord server, you've most likely already heard the big news – Faithful 32x now has all textures for Java Edition 1.18 and 1.19! That means Faithful 32x for these versions is now fully complete. There's still a few things to do before release though, and we thought we would take the time to outline them in this post, as well as share our plans following the full release of the pack.

On release

First, let's talk about Bedrock Edition. While our artists have been exceptionally productive working to help get Faithful 32x for this version of the game done recently (thank you!), not all textures have been done just yet. This is mainly due to Bedrock having a whole lot of UI textures, which greatly inflates the texture count compared to Java.
Our plan right now is to release the Bedrock pack alongside the Java one, with all the same updates it has received, but as a pre-release instead of a full release. More about what that means exactly later.
Additionally, Education Edition-exclusive textures will not be included in the main Bedrock pack, at least not strictly before the release.

As for legacy Java version support, Faithful 32x is planned to support all versions from 1.4 to 1.19, as well as Beta 1.7.3. We're choosing not to explicitly support Beta 1.8 through release 1.3 to save ourselves some work, since the pack format barely changed between these versions and therefore the 1.4 pack will work well in most use cases.

After release

Moving on towards the future, after Java's full release we intend to restore a regular update schedule and release updates every month.
All fully complete packs (i.e. the ones that have all textures from their respective version) will be called Releases and be put out in a single website post.
Packs that still have some missing textures will be grouped into a separate post, will be called Pre-releases and branded accordingly. This isn't just limited to Bedrock for the time being, but also legacy Java versions with special textures that are unable to be backported from newer versions – for example the boat entity in release 1.8 and below. Pre-releases will also release at the same time as regular Releases.
Packs for snapshots of upcoming Minecraft versions are going to be separate from both of these and have a dedicated post. These will most likely be put out more frequently during the snapshot phase than the regular releases.

Finally, about the long-awaited Programmer Art pack: It will be started and submissions for it will be allowed only after all packs for all versions and editions of the regular Jappa Faithful 32x are 100% complete. Guidelines for Faithful Programmer Art will also be made, but expect them to be mostly identical to the existing Jappa ones, just with minor changes and additions.

It's worth mentioning that none of this applies to Faithful 64x or Classic Faithful. Those will carry on with their existing release schemes for the foreseeable future.

Well, that's all from us for today. We hope this made our plans clear and see you on Faithful 32x's release day!