Classic Faithful 32x PA

A double resolution texture pack that continues Vattic’s original Faithful 32x32 pack with the classic textures.

All the way back in 2010, Vattic created some of the first textures in what would become the Faithful 32x32 texture pack. In the following years, it exploded in popularity, but in 2016, Vattic disappeared from the internet, leaving his pack behind. While the textures might have changed and the principles of upscaling textures completely shifted from Vattic’s original Faithful style under the leadership of Kraineff and later the Compliance / Faithful Administration, this is where Classic Faithful PA came in.

Classic Faithful, formerly named the Emulated Vattic Textures or “EM” project, attempts to answer the question “what if Vattic never left Faithful”. Through hours of extracting layers from 10 year old PSD files, reverse engineering why certain decisions were made, and reapplying those techniques to 1.9+ textures, we’ve gotten pretty close to answering that question. Not only is our fully updated programmer art based pack available, but also Jappa versions of those packs, almost as if Vattic had continued through the texture update, remaking everything that changed.

So, if you want a blast to the past, here’s the downloads for many legacy versions as well as the latest releases.


Latest Versions

1.20.2 for Java Edition

Latest Release for Bedrock Edition

Legacy Versions

1.20.1 for Java Edition

1.19.4 for Java Edition

1.19.3 for Java Edition

1.19.0 - 1.19.2 for Java Edition

1.18.X for Java Edition

1.17.X for Java Edition

1.16.X for Java Edition

1.15.X for Java Edition

1.14.X for Java Edition

1.13.X for Java Edition

1.12.X for Java Edition

1.11.X for Java Edition

1.10.X for Java Edition

1.9.X for Java Edition

1.8.X for Java Edition

1.7.X for Java Edition

1.6.X for Java Edition

Alternate Listings

GitHub for Java Edition

GitHub for Bedrock Edition

GitHub for Add-ons


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