Faithful 32x – July 2024 Pre-releases

This is the first pre-release of Faithful 32x for Minecraft 1.21. Most of the textures from 1.20.5 and 1.21 are covered, with only some of the new wolves and paintings left to do (hence why it's a pre-release). Most mobs and all blocks and items are done, along with changes to existing textures to ensure our standard of quality is consistent across every texture in the pack. Whether you're going to challenge a trial chamber, mess around with the crafter, or build with the new blocks, we hope you have fun experiencing all these new features with a higher resolution!


July 2024 Pre-releases

Bedrock Edition

July 2024 Pre-releases

Java 1.21

Java 1.20.6

Java 1.20.4

Java 1.20.2

Java 1.20.1

Java 1.19.4

Java 1.19.3

Java 1.19.2

Java 1.18.2

Java 1.17.1

Java 1.16.5

Java 1.15.2

Java 1.14.4

Java 1.13.2

Java 1.12.2

Java 1.11.2

Java 1.10.2

Java 1.9.4

Java 1.8.9

Java 1.7.10

Java 1.6.4

Java 1.4.6 (requires OptiFine or MCPatcher)

Java Beta 1.7.3 (requires OptiFine or MCPatcher)




  • Copper Door Top (DMgaming, AebrakerisAesthetic)
  • Copper Door Bottom (DMgaming)
  • Copper Bulbs (DMgaming)
  • Copper Trapdoor (HARYA_)
  • Heavy Core (Jamiscus, Stirdrem, EachMenderKhai)
  • Vault & Ominous Vault Front (DMgaming)
  • Vault Side (DMgaming)
  • Vault Top (HARYA_)
  • Vault Bottom (HARYA_)
  • Vault & Ominous Vault Top (HARYA_)
  • Trial Spawner & Ominous Trial Spawner Sides (HARYA_)
  • Trial Spawner & Ominous Trial Spawner Top (HARYA_, DMgaming)
  • Trial Spawner Bottom (HARYA_)
  • Trial Spawner Top (HARYA_, DMgaming)
  • Exposed and Weathered Chiselled Copper (HARYA_)
  • Flow Pottery Pattern (HARYA_)
  • Scrape Pottery Pattern (HARYA_, DMgaming, Jamiscus)
  • Guster Pottery Pattern (HARYA_, Pejicobiy_pirog, axialeaa, Nyodex)
  • All Copper Doors (DMgaming, AebrakerisAesthetic)


  • Mace (DMgaming, Jamiscus, EachMenderKhai)
  • Breeze Rod (Jamiscus)
  • Trial Chambers Map (DMgaming)
  • Guster Pottery Sherd (Pejicobiy_pirog, axialeaa)
  • Flow Pottery Sherd (HARYA_)
  • Scrape Pottery Sherd (DMgaming, Jamiscus)
  • Ominous Trial Key (DMgaming)
  • Ominous Bottle (DMgaming)
  • Precipice Music Disc (DMgaming)
  • Creator Music Discs (AebrakerisAesthetic)
  • Bolt Armour Trim Smithing Template (HARYA_)
  • Flow Armour Trim Smithing Template (HARYA_)


  • Black Wolf (DMgaming, TheGeometrycosYT)
  • Woods Wolf (DMgaming, TheGeometrycosYT)
  • Snowy Wolf (DMgaming, Scutoel)
  • Chestnut Wolf (TheGeometrycosYT)
  • Ashen Wolf (TheGeometrycosYT, Scutoel)
  • Breeze (EachMenderKhai, DMgaming)
  • Breeze Wind (HARYA_)
  • Armadillo (HARYA_, EachMenderKhai)
  • Bogged (HARYA_, EachKaiho)
  • Guster Banner Pattern (HARYA_)
  • Flow Banner Pattern (HARYA_, DMgaming)
  • Wind Charge Projectile (DMgaming, HARYA_)
  • [Beta 1.7.3 - 1.4.6] Pigman (Webaccount284)


  • Infested (DMgaming, axialeaa, Fred Figglehorn)
  • Ominous Trial Spawner Particles (DMgaming, Pythagoras_314)
  • Small Gust Particles (DMgaming)
  • Raid and Trial Omen (DMgaming, Jamiscus, FHLX, Evorp)
  • Trial Spawner Detection Particles (DMgaming)


  • Endboss (DMgaming)
  • Baroque (Jamiscus)
  • Backyard (DMgaming)
  • Lowmist (Jamiscus)

Status Effects:

  • Wind Charged (Jamiscus)
  • Oozing (DMgaming, EachMenderKhai)
  • Infested (DMgaming, Jamiscus)
  • Trial Omen (HARYA_)
  • Raid Omen (DMgaming)


  • Trial Chambers Map Icon (DMgaming)


  • Bolt Armour Trim (HARYA_)
  • Flow Armour Trim (HARYA_, Jamiscus)

Bedrock UI:

  • Selecting Items Desktop (DMgaming, Jamiscus)
  • Empty Bubble (DMgaming)
  • Google Share Glyph (DMgaming)
  • Camera-yo (minimiscus, DMgaming)



  • Missing Tile (Webaccount284)
  • Brain Coral Fan (DMgaming)
  • Dead Brain Coral Fan (DMgaming)
  • Diamond Ore (Evorp, DMgaming, Pythagoras_314)
  • Deepslate Diamond Ore (Evorp, DMgaming, Pythagoras_314)
  • Smoker Top and Side (HARYA_)
  • Polished Andesite (HARYA_)
  • Piston Side (Evorp)
  • Quartz Pillar (Pythagoras_314)
  • Sunflower Stem (Evorp)
  • Structure Block (Evorp)
  • Jigsaw Block Side (DMgaming)
  • Chiseled Red Sandstone (DMgaming)
  • Warped and Crimson Roots (EachMenderKhai)
  • Warped Fungus (EachMenderKhai)
  • Cauldron Side (Evorp)
  • Item and Glow Item Frame (Evorp)


  • Prismarine Shard (EachMenderKhai)
  • Bone Meal (EachMenderKhai)
  • Amethyst Shard (EachMenderKhai)
  • Dragon's Breath (EachMenderKhai)
  • Wind Charge (AebrakerisAesthetic)
  • Firework Rocket (Jamiscus)
  • All Horse Armour (Jamiscus, Evorp)
  • Beetroot (Katfordroth)
  • Carrot & Golden Carrot (Katfordroth)
  • Raw & Cooked Porkchop (Katfordroth)
  • Raw Beef & Steak (Katfordroth)
  • Raw & Cooked Mutton (Katfordroth)
  • Iron Ingot (Evorp, Jamiscus)
  • Copper, Gold and Netherite Ingot (Evorp)
  • Nether Brick (Evorp)
  • Heart of the Sea (Evorp)


  • Wolf Armour Crackiness (HARYA_)
  • Shield (Evorp)
  • [Bedrock] Piston and Sticky Piston Arm (Evorp)


  • 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 Notifications (Evorp)
  • Realms Trial Availible Icon (Evorp)


  • Drip Particles (careeoki)


  • Sea (DMgaming)

Status Effects:

  • Night Vision (Jamiscus)
  • Haste (Evorp)
  • Bad Omen (HARYA_)
  • Weaving (Jamiscus)

Bedrock UI:

  • Colored World Glyph (Webaccount284)
  • CSB Sidebar Icon (DMgaming, Klonoscopy)
  • GUI (DMgaming)
  • Realms Portal Icons (DMgaming)
  • HUD Tip Text Background (DMgaming)
  • Sale Ribbon Icon (DMgaming)
  • Resource Pack Glyphs (DMgaming)
  • Mash-up Pack Glyphs (DMgaming)
  • Skin Glyph World Small (DMgaming)
  • Persona Glyphs (DMgaming)
  • Skin Pack Glyphs (DMgaming)
  • Skin Textures (DMgaming)
  • Dismount Button (DMgaming)
  • Movement Buttons (DMgaming)
  • Large Button (DMgaming)
  • Agent Icon (DMgaming)
  • Cartography Table UI (DMgaming)
  • Image Tagged Corner Icons (DMgaming)
  • Icon Preview (DMgaming)
  • Mash-up Hanger (DMgaming)
  • Gamepad Thumbstick Icon (DMgaming)
  • Icon Best 3 (DMgaming, Jamiscus, Evorp, Aerod)
  • Trade Icon (DMgaming, Jamiscus, Evorp, Klonoscopy)
  • Color Picker (DMgaming)
  • Smithing Material Slot Overlay (DMgaming)
  • Add-Ons Banner (DMgaming, Vattic)
  • Image Tagged Corner Border (DMgaming)
  • Feedback (DMgaming)
  • Profile Glyph (DMgaming)

Modded GUI:

  • [OptiFine] Icons (DMgaming)
  • [Fabric] Grey Fabric Icon (DMgaming)



  • Made the zombie villager's torso bottom the pants color instead of the shirt color (Webaccount284)
  • Fixed colour placement on redstone dust (HARYA_)
  • Fixed colour palette and shading on speed effect icon (Evorp)
  • Fixed wrong colour on observer back (HARYA_)
  • Made the remove player icons match the unknown ping icon (DMgaming)
  • Removed unused pixels on the armour stand texture (Evorp)
  • Unifying arrow textures (Evorp)
  • Updated bow pulling textures to match current arrow better (Jamiscus)
  • Made corners of jigsaw block consistent with structure block (Evorp)
  • Fixed some variants of the Greek alpha character having improper pixels (DMgaming)
  • [1.6.4 – 1.20.1] Updated attack indicator and fixed cut off blue armour outline in icons.png (DMgaming)
  • [1.14.4 – 1.20.1] Updated loom palette icon (DMgaming)
  • [Bedrock] thinned Trial Spawner particles to the right to match the Java pack (DMgaming)
  • [Bedrock] updated legacy stonecutter (DMgaming)
  • [Bedrock] Fixed first cell being smaller than the rest (HARYA_)

Known Issues:

Bedrock Edition:

  • Iron golems sometimes render with purple and black missing textures. There is currently no known desirable fix for this. If this issue happens to you, rename the file extension from .mcpack to .zip, unzip the pack and use it as a folder.
  • Some items may appear bigger in your hand (such as snowballs, wolf armour, and arrows). There is currently no known fix for this and it is out of our control.