Faithful 32x – October 2023 Releases

Hello everyone! We're now publishing the October release of Faithful 32x. In this update we've focused mainly on improving existing textures, often redoing the ones that were long overdue for a refresh. Alongside that this release also brings a slew of fixes for various issues in both Java and Bedrock Edition. Lastly, Faithful 32x now natively supports textures provided by Fabric API and Fabric Mod Menu! So if you're a player like us who likes to play on vanilla server with client-side mods, you're definitely going to appreciate this update.
Have fun and thanks for using Faithful!


October 2023 Pre-releases

Bedrock Edition

October 2023 Releases

Java 1.20.2

Java 1.20.1

Java 1.19.4

Java 1.19.3

Java 1.19.2

Java 1.18.2

Java 1.17.1

Java 1.16.5

Java 1.15.2

Java 1.14.4

Java 1.13.2

Java 1.12.2

Java 1.11.2

Java 1.10.2

Java 1.9.4

Java 1.8.9

Java 1.7.10

Java 1.6.4

Java 1.4.6 (requires OptiFine or MCPatcher)

Java Beta 1.7.3 (requires OptiFine or MCPatcher)




  • [Bedrock] NPC 4 (Webaccount284)
  • [Bedrock] NPC 5 (Webaccount284)
  • [Bedrock] NPC 6 (Webaccount284)

Modded GUI:

  • [1.19.3+] Fabric Creative Buttons (Pomi108)
  • Mod Menu:
    • Configure Buttons (Pomi108)
    • Filters Button (Pomi108)
    • Mods Buttons (Pomi108)
    • Fabric Icon (Pomi108)
    • Parent Mod Arrows (Pomi108)
    • Java Icon (Pomi108)
    • Mod Configuration (Pomi108)
  • Forge Bucket Masks (Pomi108)

Bedrock UI:

  • Close X Button (Pomi108)
  • Magnifying Glass (DMgaming, Pomi108)
  • Brewing Stand Pocket UI (Klonoa)
  • Icons:
    • Ice Age (DMgaming)
    • Angry Birds (DMgaming, Webaccount284)
    • Black Friday (Klonoa)
    • Pirates of the Caribbean (Klonoa)
    • Deals (Klonoa, DMgaming)
  • Radio Checked Dark (DMgaming)
  • Empty Bottle Pocket (Klonoa)
  • WYSIWYG Reset (Klonoa, DMgaming)



  • Birch Sapling (Nyodex)
  • Cactus Bottom (DMgaming)
  • Brewing Stand (DMgaming)
  • Large Christmas Chest (HARYA_)
  • Anvil Top (Aerod, Pomi108)
  • Grass (Aerod, Klonoa)
  • Tall Grass (Aerod)
  • Sand & Red Sand (Klonoa)
  • Sandstone & Red Sandstone (Evorp)
  • Dispenser (DMgaming)
  • Dropper (DMgaming)
  • Spruce Door (Klonoa)
  • Backported the 1.17+ ore designs to legacy versions of Minecraft


  • Coal (Aerod)
  • Charcoal (Aerod)
  • Prismarine Crystals (Jamiscus)
  • Bell (Evorp)
  • Chainmail Armour (Aerod)
  • Light Blue Dye (Evorp)
  • Rabbit Hide (HARYA_)
  • Paper (Klonoa)
  • Map (Klonoa)
  • [Bedrock] Filled maps (Klonoa)
  • Filled Map Markings (Klonoa)
  • Netherite Chestplate (Evorp)
  • All Signs & Hanging Signs (Klonoa)

Status Effects:

  • Hunger (Aerod)
  • Saturation (Aerod)
  • Nausea (Aerod)
  • Unluck (Klonoa)


  • Note (DMgaming, Klonoa)


  • Wind (Aerod)


  • Changed all similar rounder GUI corners to remove the gradient (Nyodex)
  • Operator Crown Icons (Klonoa)

Modded GUI:

  • [1.14–1.19.2] Fabric Creative Buttons (Pomi108)


  • Updated Map Icons with new 1.20.2 icons (DMgaming, fin9er)

Bedrock UI:

  • Copy (Klonoa)
  • Subscription Glyph (DMgaming)
  • Blue Heart (DMgaming)
  • Red Heart (DMgaming)
  • Default Tooltip Background (DMgaming)
  • Default Tooltip Chevron (DMgaming)
  • How To Play Divider (DMgaming)
  • Normal Button No Stroke (Banjoei)
  • Normal Button With Stroke (Banjoei)
  • Console Button Icons (Klonoa, Evorp)
  • Resized Joystick texture to match new vanilla dimensions (DMgaming)
  • Craft Toggle (DMgaming)



  • Leather Horse Armour using outdated texture in Bedrock Edition (Pomi108)
  • Various issues with the joystick in Bedrock Edition touch control preview thumbnails (DMgaming)
  • Accessibility Glyph outline texture not matching the full-colour one (DMgaming)
  • Focus Border being one pixel smaller than intended (DMgaming)
  • Realms Green Check not being consistent with Realms Slot Check (DMgaming)
  • Incorrect grey colour in Item Frame and Glow Item Frame item textures (Evorp)
  • Random extra colour in Shears texture (Evorp)
  • Stained Glass Pane Tops being inconsistent with regular Glass Pane Top (Klonoa)
  • An unintentionally un-upscaled part on Sunny's right leg (HARYA_)
  • Two colours being switched in Blooming Sculk Catalyst Top texture (DMgaming)
  • Acacia Door edges being partially transparent (Klonoa)
  • Missing shading on the Sniffer's legs (DMgaming)
  • [Bedrock] Mistakenly filled-in corners and bad alignment in header_bar_2 UI texture (Klonoa)
  • Updated netherrack present in the Magma Cube texture (HARYA_)
  • [Bedrock] Image dimension issues with addServer and Servers UI textures (Offroaders123, Evorp)
  • [Bedrock] Font smoothing issue at certain GUI scales (Pomi108)

Known Issues:

Bedrock Edition:

  • Iron golems sometimes render with purple and black missing textures. There is currently no known desirable fix for this. If this issue happens to you, rename the file extension from .mcpack to .zip, unzip the pack and use it as a folder.